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The coronavirus outbreak highlights serious deficiencies in scholarly communication

As research and government responses to the COVID-19 outbreak escalate in the face of a global public health crisis, Vincent Larivière, Fei Shu and Cassidy R. Sugimoto reflect on efforts to make research on this subject more widely available. Arguing that a narrow focus on research published in high ranking journals predominantly in English has impeded research efforts, they […] Read more

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Measuring national self-referencing patterns of major science producers

This content is not available in the selected language. This paper analyzes national self-referencing patterns (i.e. the tendency of researchers to cite from the same country) of six major science producers (China, France, Germany, Japan, UK, and USA). While the results highlight a continuing decline of national references (except for China), all countries’ referencing patterns […] Read more

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The national system of researchers in Mexico: implications of publication incentives for researchers in social sciences

This content is not available in the selected language. This article explores the effects of the Mexican National System of Researchers (SNI) on social science researchers’ scientific output and publication practices. SNI operates as a system of pecuniary bonuses for scientific activity; these are granted monthly and calculated according to a combination of an ex-post […] Read more