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Assessing the quality of bibliographic data sources for measuring international research collaboration

Measuring international research collaboration (IRC) is essential to various research assessment tasks but the effect of various measurement decisions, including which data sources to use, has not been thoroughly studied. To better understand the effect of data source choice on IRC measurement, we design and implement a data quality assessment framework specifically for bibliographic data […] Lire la suite

Articles avec comité de lecture

Paracetamol (acetaminophen) use in infants and children was never shown to be safe for neurodevelopment: a systematic review with citation tracking

Although widely believed by pediatricians and parents to be safe for use in infants and children when used as directed, increasing evidence indicates that early life exposure to paracetamol (acetaminophen) may cause long-term neurodevelopmental problems. Furthermore, recent studies in animal models demonstrate that cognitive development is exquisitely sensitive to paracetamol exposure during early development. In […] Lire la suite

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Avoiding bias when inferring race using name-based approaches

Racial disparity in academia is a widely acknowledged problem. The quantitative understanding of racial-based systemic inequalities  is  an  important  step  towards  a  more  equitable research  system.  However,  few large-scale analyses have been performed on this topic, mostly because of the lack of robust race-disambiguation algorithms. Identifying author information does not generally include the author’s race.Therefore, […] Lire la suite

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Le «prestige» de l’anglais l’emporte

Vincent Larivière s’exprime sur la place du français dans les publications de recherche. Autres citations dans Affaires universitaires et le Magazine de l’Acfas. Lire la suite

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The role of Web of Science publications in China’s tenure system

Tenure provides a permanent position to faculty in higher education institutions. In North America, it is granted to those who have established a record of excellence in research, teaching and services in a limited period. However, in China, research excellence (represented by the number of Web of Science publications) is highly weighted in the tenure […] Lire la suite


COVID-19: Where is the data?

The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic has led many to argue that scholarly communication and publishing is undergoing a revolution, in terms of not only the wider opening of access to research, but also the data underlying it. In this post Julien Larrègue, Philippe Vincent-Lamarre, Frédéric Lebaron, and Vincent Larivière, discuss findings from their study […] Lire la suite

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Une année intense pour la recherche scientifique

Le Devoir se penche sur l’année intense que la recherche scientifique a vécu avec l’arrivée de la pandémie de COVID-19. Vincent Larivière se prononce quant à lui sur l’essor de la science ouverte afin de mieux diffuser l’information scientifique. Lire la suite