Digital technologies, which are easy to update, reuse, access and transmit and require little space, have changed how researchers produce and disseminate knowledge. However, the extent and characteristics of these changes remain unknown. The goal of the Canada Research Chair on the Transformations of Scholarly Communication (CRCTSC) is to increase understanding of how knowledge is currently being disseminated by analyzing the characteristics of papers written by academic researchers. More specifically, Vincent Larivière and his team are investigating how new types of knowledge production are being used, how new sources of data are shared and changes in academics’ working practices. In particular, the CRCTSC is analyzing new forms of scientific articles and the various channels that are used to disseminate knowledge. The Chair is also studying whether new means of distribution enhance access to knowledge and speeds its dissemination, as well as examining whether new technologies allow research results to be widely disseminated outside the scientific community. The Chair’s research will improve understanding of how knowledge is produced and distributed and will provide insight for the development of public policies on scientific and technological research.

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